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What is the difference between a Shared and a Dedicated Number?

MessageBird offers two types of VMN on our platform:
  • A Shared Number is free to use and is included in every Messagebird-account
  • A Dedicated Number is exclusively for your use and involves a monthly subscription fee.
Below we will show you more details about the differences between a shared and a dedicated number. Note that all SMS numbers are limited by the general restrictions: SMS Number Restrictions
Shared Number
Dedicated Number
Possibilities for customers to reply
You need to send an SMS to the recipient first for them to be able to reply to you. The recipient can only reply once All replies end up neatly in your Dashboard.
A dedicated contact point which you can communicate to your customers proactively. This enables customers to reach out to you at any moment. Any messages sent to your VMN will always go to you.
Currently available in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you are based outside of these countries, a UK VMN will be selected unless local restrictions do not support it.
This depends on the country and functionalities you're looking for. More information can be found here.
Free of usage.
Based on a monthly subscription, but the costs depend on the country and its functionalities. Full pricing can be found here.
Fixed number?
No, a Shared Number is actually a pool of numbers, and an algorithm decides from which number to send your SMS.
Yes, it's a number exclusively for you. Several countries and area prefix codes are available. More information can be found here.
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