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Managing Meta Messenger Referrals in Flow Builder

Meta Messaging Referrals are specific inbound-only messages that are triggered once your end-user:

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Before getting started

Before starting, you’ll need:

Managing Messenger Referrals in Flow Builder

The rich automation capabilities of Flow Builder enable you to create a Flow scenario, depending on your use case, of how you want to handle these inbound messages. Let's say you have created a Facebook Messenger conversation advertisement with a Get Started call to action, initiating a Messenger conversation:
Call to action.jpg
1) Create a new Flow, with the Facebook Messenger incoming message as the trigger:
2) Choose the Messenger channel you have set up to start the Flow:
choose channel.jpg
3) Create the desired automation scenario of the Flow, be it replying to the end-users message via a customized chatbot Flow, collecting inputs into an external Google Sheet, or managing the conversation in Inbox.

Messenger Referrals Variables

Meta Messaging Referrals have a set of variables that can be exploited in Flow Builder. Variables starting with:

Messenger Referrals Developers Documentation

Developers' documentation for the Messenger Referral message type is at the following link
📤 Feel free to contact our Support in case you might need some help!