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Using FlowBuilder to send Instagram Messages

To be able to use all of the rich capabilities seen on Instagram, FlowBuilder has a dedicated Instagram step. By following this article you will be able to set up sending direct messages via Instagram.

Table of contents

How does this step benefit you?

By using the specific Send Instagram message step, you will be able to customize the messages you are sending to your users on Instagram to the fullest of Instagram's offering. This includes interactive features, such as the Quick Reply buttons.

Before getting started

You will need:

How to configure the step

Step 1: Log in to your MessageBird Dashboard and navigate to Flow Builder.
Step 2: Create a new Flow or choose an existing Flow. If you selected a new Flow, choose the Omnichannel trigger:
New Flow.gif
Step 3: Add the step Send Instagram Message.
The components of the step are Send Settings, Message Settings, and Advanced Settings:
Send Settings
Here you are able to configure how the message will be sent, either as a reply back to the current conversion, from a different channel, or in a specific conversation:
Message Settings
There are four available message types: text, image, quick replies, and templates.
You are able to modify the message content:
The messages are presented in the following format in your end-users Direct Messages inbox:
By adding the URL to the image, you can send a message containing an image. Don't forget to include the full URL, including the protocol (http/https):
Quick replies
You are able to modify the text coming before the buttons, as well as define up to 13 quick reply buttons:
The messages are presented in the following format in your end-users Direct Messages inbox:
❗️ Instagram's Quick Replies are not yet supported in Inbox. In case you are using Inbox, too - the interactive messages such as the Quick Replies will be shown as Unknown Type.
We are working on implementing them in Inbox as soon as possible. 🚧
If you are sending a template message, you can send a standalone template or a carousel of up to 10 template messages that can be scrolled horizontally:
The messages are presented in the following format in your end-users Direct Messages inbox:
Advanced Settings
Available advanced settings are:
  • Status reports enablement: sending reports on the status of the message sent it the step via a GET request to a URL provided
  • TrackID enablement: when filled out, the trackID will be sent as a parameter in the messages, allowing you to track insights such as read, delivered, failed or rejected using the reporting API
Step 4: Configure the message as per your choice in the message settings section of the Send Instagram message step.
Step 5: Build out your Flow as per your use case and don’t forget to Save and Publish the Flow. 🚀
📤 Feel free to contact our Support in case you might need some help!